If on-site search is not driving at least 25% of your ecommerce sales, you are leaving money on the table

I'll turn your site search from a liability into a sales asset

My name is Peter Fries and I specialize in Ecommerce Search, Recommendations, and Analytics. I’ve been working in Search, UX, Software Development, and Information Architecture for over 10 years and my focus is helping my clients drive more revenue through on-site search.

When it comes to Search and Search UX, Peter is our valued partner. We love working with him.

Eric Pugh, CEO Opensource Connections, Author Apache Solr Enterprise Server

In ecommerce, on-site search is too often the last thing most businesses optimize

That’s a problem, because if you haven’t optimized your on-site search experience, you are missing out on as much as 25% in additional revenue.

The default site search configuration in every ecommerce platform is leaving money on the table.

I’d like to help you fix this, so I created this guide. You can send it to a staff developer who has ½ day of down time and begin seeing more revenue within a week.

In This Guide, You'll Learn:

  • The revenue and customer loyalty opportunities you may be missing out on
  • How to quickly self-assess your on-site search experience and identify the issues that are losing you customers and money
  • The UI/UX improvements that produce the highest ROI for the least effort
  • Gold standard examples you can simply adapt to your site
  • How to optimize your search results page for higher conversions and better shopper engagement
  • Easy data improvements that produce better search results

In addition, you'll get a comprehensive 15-point checklist to identify where your on-site search needs the most improvement.


Unlock Up To 25% More Revenue

70 page PDF, 45 minutes reading time

Search UX

Improve the search experience with UX best practices designed to turn shoppers into customers.

Search Relevancy

The key to search-driven sales is relevant search results. I configure search engines for optimal customer engagement.


Realize additional revenue through cross-selling and up-selling recommended or related products.

Search Analytics

Monitor and analyze your on-site search performance against key search conversion metrics.

Turn your site search from a liability into a sales asset

Free site audit. You'll discover the best ways you can use site search to drive more sales. The report will tell you what fixes to implement. Your report delivered in 48 hours.